Split system air conditioners are split into two main units - the indoor and the outdoor.

The indoor unit is an evaporative heat exchanger that blows air into a specific room while the outside unit is a condensing heat exchanger which expels the unwanted hot air. 

All of the split system air conditioners we are install are reverse cycle which means it will cool your home in Summer and keep it nice and warm in winter. 

Split system air conditioners are the most common option for cooling homes. This is due to the benefits they bring, which include:


Wall mounted split system air conditioning units are perfect for investment properties due to the small cost of purchasing and installing the unit as well as the long term cost savings for the unit. When the wall mounted unit is set to the correct temperature the costs can be controlled and energy use can be minimised.

           Quick installation:

Split system air conditioners are very easy to install and work without ducts, which allows for a system to be installed cheaply and quickly. With only a small copper tube and some cabling required to install the unit, the split system air conditioner is designed to blend in with a room and not need a great deal of installation.

If you need a kitchen or living area or a bedroom cooled or heated, a split system air conditioner can be installed within a few hours and will only set you back a small amount of money compared with larger systems that are centrally controlled and zoned.

           Easy Maintenance:

Simple to clean, split system air conditioners are easy to maintain. This feature is ideal for property owners and renters, and mean maintenance and servicing is kept to a minimum. Some filters can be cleaned and put back into the system and others can be discarded and new filters be installed. The clean and compact design of split system air conditioners makes maintenance easy for both renters and property owners.

As well as this, in the winter months the system is safer than some traditional heaters such as bar heaters that can be dangerous for small children and the heating can be set on a timer to ensure the property is climate controlled perfectly.

We recommend that a split system air conditioner be serviced and professional cleaned annually.

           Quiet to run:

Split system air conditioning units are quiet to run and come free of large motors making them a quieter alternative to larger air conditioning systems. The units can be installed in bedrooms and study areas and will not disrupt sleep or concentration. As well as being quiet, the split system air conditioners can be set on a timer to turn on or off as required to maintain a certain temperature for optimum comfort

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