For ultimate air conditioning for your entire home a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is the way to go!


As the name might suggest, ducted air conditioners work primarily through a series of ducts to keep you cool. Ducted A/C has an internal fancoil unit installed in the roof space of the home. From this central location, a series of ducts run from it and into as many rooms in the house as the owner desires. From these ducts, this allows you to cool or heat each room individually – called zoning. This is done so by the thermostat on the wall, allowing you to select the temperature and other settings. The ease of cooling a whole house is apparent here, and if you’re constructing a new home or doing major renovations, then ducted air conditioning is a viable choice.

No need to suffer through another long, hot Summer or cold winter!

A properly designed and installed air conditioner system can be extremely effective and cost efficient to run.

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