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Finding a reliable tradesman that you can trust can be difficult and we understand that. At My Sparky Mate we will ensure your peace of mind by following these easy steps:

We are fully licensed electricians with full public liability insurance

We look the part! We will always come to your home in our marked, neat and tidy vehicles. We take as much pride in our appearance as we do in our work.

We provide free in home fixed itemised quotes, ensuring you never get any nasty surprises 

We encourage our clients to leave feedback of their experience to make it easier for future clients to make their decision 

What makes us

          On time

           24 hour service, 365 days a year means we've                    always got you covered

          Our fixed quote price ensures no nasty surprises 

          All of our technicians are qualified, licensed and             well experienced in the trade

          Your always kept informed of the job for your                      peace of mind

Fault Finding


Flickering lights?

Power keeps tripping?

Our friendly and reliable electricians specialise in getting your power back on as fast as possible. Give us a call today!

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